Annual Data Collection

IBACS Research Performance Metrics

Each year we ask researchers affiliated with the Institute to provide information about which Institute-funded resources they have used in the previous year, which if any publications have made use of data or other outputs directly generated by these resources, and which if any resources contributed to or supported any grants applied for or awarded.

How we use the data:

  • We collect data to track the scholarly outputs from each of the activities we support – e.g. for each grant application or journal submission, which IBACS-funded activity supported it, and in what way? We also compute aggregated statistics, such as the total grant income applied for/awarded.
  • We use the data to track usage of the activities we fund (e.g. IBRAIN fellows, graduate fellowships, seed grants, funded lab managers, other resources) even when no scholarly outputs have yet accrued.
  • As an Institute with affiliated faculty from other departments, we aim to establish the “value added” due to the Institute’s activities over and above activities of the faculty’s host departments.
  • We use these data to evaluate, reflect on, and plan the strategic deployment of Institute resources and their likely value to the community we support and to the University mission.
  • We summarize the aggregated data in our Annual Reports.

Maintaining privacy:

  • We do not make the data available, except in aggregated form, to 3rd parties. We would provide non-aggregated data, if requested, only to the extent that it is in the public domain (e.g. publications, grants awarded).
  • We do not provide contact information.

Our policy on how we collect the data:

  • We aim to facilitate entry of the relevant data with minimal effort.

Please address any data concerns to the Director,


2023 Data Collection (July 1st, 2022 – June 30th, 2023)

Data Collection Form