CSSERL Research

Training is required before using any CSSERL equipment. If you're interested in using CSSERL, please email csserl.manager@gmail.com to set up lab access and discuss training. Then, please complete and submit THIS FORM.

Once training is completed, lab use will be granted. Then, to reserve time in CSSERL, please see the scheduling system.


Training on the Brain Products EEG Hardware and Software

  • Training will focus on proper techniques for applying, gelling, cleaning, and storing EEG electrode caps. A basic overview of the recording software will also be provided.
  • Training sessions typically include groups of 2 or 3 individuals
  • Each training session lasts between 2 to 3 hours
  • Standard training involves 3 sessions; however, some individuals may require fewer or more sessions to reach the required level of mastery. The CSSERL lab manager will determine when the trainee is allowed to “graduate” from training.

Training on the Portable Audiometer and/or the ABR add-on to the BrainProducts EEG system

  • Training is required to use either of these pieces of equipment
  • To sign up for training, please contact erika.skoe@uconn.edu

Consultations about experiment design/methods and analysis are also available.  To schedule a consultation session please email the CSSERL lab manager at csserl.manager@gmail.com