New England Research on Dyslexia Society

The New England Research Group on Dyslexia is an interdisciplinary community of researchers, educators, clinicians, and policy experts, whose work aims at elucidating the biological, including psychological, and social underpinnings of Developmental Dyslexia and related disorders with the objective of improving prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment/intervention and social support (including legal, political, and public health) associated with this learning disability.

The NERDY community draws broadly from different academic settings (schools, universities, research institutes) in New England to bring together scholars with a common commitment both to empirical research and to multidisciplinary dialogue.

Executive Board Members

Nicole Landi (Current President of NERDY; University of Connecticut and Haskins Laboratories)

Albert Galaburda (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Harvard Medical School)

Tiffany Hogan (Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions)

Nadine Gaab (Boston Children’s Hospital)

William Baker (The Dyslexia Foundation)

Eric Falke (Carroll School)




Registered attendees for the 2017 NERDY Conference

Clarisa Carruthers Boston Children’s Hospital
Jade Dunstan Boston Children’s Hospital
Adam Kaminski Boston Children’s Hospital
Xi Yu Boston Children’s Hospital
Jennifer Zuk Boston Children’s Hospital
Karen Aicher Bridgewater State University
Maureen Ruby Brookfield Public Schools
Anurag Rimzhim Central Connecticut State University
Linnea Ehri City University of New York
Lisa Levinson Columbia University
Paul Macaruso Community College of Rhode Island
Stephanie Gottwald Curious Learning
Nancy Duggan Decoding Dyslexia
Pamela Carroll Harvard University
Trey Avery Haskins Laboratories
Dave Braze Haskins Laboratories
Heidi Sarles-Whittlesey Haskins Laboratories
Ken Pugh Haskins Laboratories/Uconn
Hailey Kissner Hendrick Hudson High school
Pam DeMato Collierville Literacy Council
Sara Mascheretti IRCCS Eugenio Medea
Anne Marie Paidas Learning House Clinic
Liz Brooke Lexia Learning
Karly Cordova Ludlow Public Schools
Crystle Alonzo Mass. General Hospital Institute of Health Professions
Lauren Baron Mass. General Hospital Institute of Health Professions
Tiffany Hogan Mass. General Hospital Institute of Health Professions
Sara Beach Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Matthew Schneps Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Martina Villa Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Norma Craffey Monomoy Regional Schools
Iris Berent Northeastern University
Ruth Corddry Northeastern University
Evelyn Russo Orange Public Schools
Michelle Kissner Pfizer
Brynn Lipstreu Scotland Public Schools
Raghav Nathan Somers High School
Rebecca Wiseheart St. John’s University
Eric Falke The Carroll School
William Baker The Dyslexia Foundation
Donald Compton The Florida Center for Reading Research
Laura Steacy The Florida Center for Reading Research
Danielle Scorrano The Windward School
Ola Ozernov-Palchik Tufts University
Maria Avitia University of Connecticut
Eva Bar-Shalom University of Connecticut
Michael Coyne University of Connecticut
Julia Drouin University of Connecticut
Rachael Gabriel University of Connecticut
Roeland Hancock University of Connecticut
Dameon Harrell University of Connecticut
Joanne Hayes University of Connecticut
Devin Kearns University of Connecticut
Nicole Landi University of Connecticut
Aitao Lu University of Connecticut
jennifer Mozeiko University of Connecticut
Meaghan Perdue University of Connecticut
Peter Perrino University of Connecticut
Jay Rueckl University of Connecticut
Kayleigh Ryherd University of Connecticut
Oliver Sawi University of Connecticut
Donald Shankweiler University of Connecticut
Erika Skoe University of Connecticut
Parker Tichko University of Connecticut
Terry Yanaway University of Connecticut
Ashley Carpenter University of Connecticut
Marie Coppola University of Connecticut
Zhenghan Qi University of Delaware
Nancy Nelson University of Oregon
Christina der Nederlanden University of Western Ontario
Andrew Adams Yale University
Joan Bosson Heenan Yale University
Mellissa DeMille Yale University
Jeffrey Malins Yale University
Hailey Mulder Yale University
Amanda Rendall Yale University
Dongnhu Truong Yale University
Pranav Krish Yorktown High School