Opportunity Fellowship

IBACS is pleased to announce the creation of the Graduate Opportunity Fellowship.  This will provide a 10-hr graduate assistantship for an IBACS-affiliated student. Details are outlined below. Preference may be given to students who (1) are members of a group that is underrepresented at the University of Connecticut; or (2) have overcome obstacles such as socioeconomic, educational, or other societal disadvantages (arising, for example, through prejudice and/or discrimination); or (3) have worked with such groups to help overcome these or other obstacles. The IBACS Graduate Opportunity Fellowship is made available through a generous gift from an anonymous benefactor.

Details: The graduate assistant will receive a stipend for 10 hours each week in each of the Fall and Spring semesters. In return, the GA will coordinate among a variety of departments and programs to increase diversity in their colloquia speakers (by soliciting proposals for speakers from the communities served by each colloquium series and passing these on to the colloquia organizers). While the GA will not be required to organize these colloquia talks, they will arrange, once per semester, that one of these speakers will lead a career-oriented discussion with graduate students and faculty in which they describe the particular challenges they’ve overcome, opportunities they’ve been able to seize, and the role of their mentors and others in helping develop their careers. The GA will liaise with the Director or Associate Directors of the Institute in respect of carrying out these activities.

Eligibility:  Any IBACS-affiliated student can apply who is registered as a graduate student on a program of study leading to a doctoral degree.  Preference will be given to those who have been affiliated with IBACS for 1 year or more and to those who fall into one or more of the groups eligible for priority consideration as detailed above.

To apply:  Please print out, complete, and submit the Opportunity Fellowship Application and up to 2 pages of additional material as requested on the form.  The completed applications should be submitted to our Institute Coordinator, Crystal Mills (contact details are on the application form). A decision will generally be made within 3 weeks of the closing date for applications.

The application for the Fall 22/Spring 23 academic year is now closed.

Awardees will be chosen by a committee based on their application materials and letter of support from their primary advisor. Decisions on award are final, and IBACS reserve the right not to make an award.

Questions about the fellowship or application/selection process can be directed to Crystal Mills at crystal.mills@uconn.edu.