Meet-and-Speak Event

Date: Thursday, March 23rd & Friday, March 24th, 2017
Time: 9:00am-3:30pm
Location: UConn Alumni Center


The CT Institute for the Brain & Cognitive Sciences will be holding a two-day Meet-and-Speak event where faculty that has been awarded seed grants from the Institute, as well as Graduate Students affiliated with the Institute, will give brief overviews of their work.

We shall be providing a buffet lunch, and there will be a poster session each day as well.

Each day will start at around 9:00 (with coffee/tea) and finish at 3:30, with a break at 11:00, lunch 12:30-1:30 and discussion 2:30-3:30 (these times are tentative, but modeled on the event last year).

You would not need to be at each session or each day, although of course it’s going to be a lively set of presentations that will undoubtedly stimulate us all.

Registration and poster information will be posted prior to the event.

UConn Logic Group

27 January 2pm-3:30pm FSB 220 Stewart Shapiro Computing with numbers and other non-syntactic things: de re knowledge of abstract objects

10 February 2pm-3:30pm FSB 220 Shay Logan Noes and Nots

17 February 2pm-3:30pm FSB 220 Linda Brown Westrick Computable reducibility and the Baire hierarchy of functions

24 February 2pm-3:30pm FSB 220 Melissa Fusco Modality and Classical Logic

24 March 2pm-3:30pm FSB 220 Sean Walsh

(C-ALPHA Exchange Speaker) TBA

Point of Interest: 29–30 March – OSU/UConn Logic Group Workshop on Contextual Truth (at Ohio State University)

31 March 2pm-3:30pm FSB 220 Manfred Krifka TBA See Annual Logic Lecture for details.

Point of Interest: 4–6 April – UConn Logic Group/MCMP Conference

21 April 2pm-3:30pm FSB 220 Thomas Graf TBA

28 April 2pm-3:30pm FSB 220 Noah Schweber TBA