Publication Award Recipients


Pengyu Zong

Title of Publication: TRPM2 enhances ischemic excitotoxicity by associating with PKCy


Ji Chul Kim

Title of Publication: Multidimensional recurrence quantification analysis of human-metronome phasing

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Linnaea Ostroff

Title of Publication: Track-by-Day: A standardized approach to estrous cycle monitoring in biobehavioral research

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Ruth McLeod

Title of Publication: Therapeutic Interventions in Rat Models of Preterm Hypoxic Ischemic Injury: Effects of Hypothermia, Caffeine, and the Influence of Sex

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Usman Salahuddin

Title of Publication: Signal Generation, Acquisition, and Processing in Brain Machine Interfaces: A Unified Review

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Gregory Sartor

Title of Publication: Noncoding RNA Therapeutics for Substance Use Disorder

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Vaishnavi Shahane

Title of Publication: A protocol for a single-arm interventional study assessing the effects of a home-based joystick-operated ride-on-toy navigation training program to improve affected upper extremity function and spontaneous use in children with Unilateral Cerebral Palsy (UCP)

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Kristin Simmers

Title of Publication: "A Theory of Mental Frameworks" Contribution to the special issue in: Frontiers Psychology on "Enhanced Learning and Teaching via Neuroscience"

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Rachel Theodore

Title of Publication: Revising the left ear advantage for phonetic cues to talker identification

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