IBACS External Application Review (EAR) Panel


One of IBACS’ goals is to facilitate external funding applications. The IBACS Grants Panel is a small interdisciplinary group tasked with helping UConn investigators develop high quality grant proposals by offering a mechanism for “mock review” of in-development proposals, and facilitating mentoring in grant writing.  


Grant mentoring

We are eager to help junior investigators find mentors and other resources to strengthen their grant writing skills. If you would like to know more about ways we might be able to help you learn to write effective grants, please contact us at ibacs@uconn.edu, with the subject “EAR grant mentoring.”


EAR mock review process

Mock reviews help junior investigators better understand the review process, and can help investigators at any level identify opportunities to strengthen grant applications prior to submission. See details below. We have adopted the following procedures for investigators interested in obtaining mock reviews prior to grant submission.

  1. Well in advance of the grant deadline (8 weeks minimum; 12 weeks recommended): The PI submits the EAR request form. It is in the PI’s interest to do this virtually as soon as the PI is certain s/he will submit a grant for a particular deadline. The PI submits details about the grant, the funding mechanism to which s/he will apply, and information about expertise needed by reviewers.
  2. Within 2 weeks of the request: The grants panel will aim to identify 2 or 3 appropriate reviewers at UConn (normally we will not seek external reviewers, but this is possible).
  3. After assembly of the panel: EAR will schedule a meeting that includes the PI, the reviewers, and one or more representatives from the grants panel, as early as possible in the process. At this meeting, the PI will provide a short (10-20 minute) overview of the grant. Reviewers will provide feedback that the PI can use in developing the grant.
  4. Several weeks prior to the application deadline (4 weeks minimum; 5-6 weeks recommended):  The PI sends a grant draft to EAR, and we distribute it to reviewers. Reviewers will be asked to provide a mock review within 2-3 weeks.

If a PI is unable to meet the review deadline, EAR review will either be postponed for the next relevant external deadline or will be cancelled.


To request EAR review, please use this form.


Current panel members (as of 3/1/2017)

Joanne Conover, Physiology & Neurobiology (CLAS)

Monty Escabi, Biomedical Engineering (School of Engineering)

Eric Levine, Neuroscience (UCHC)

Eric Loken,  Educational Psychology (Neag School of Education)

James Magnuson, Psychological Sciences (CLAS)

Emily Myers, Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences (CLAS)

William Snyder, Linguistics (CLAS)