Science Alliance Mobile (SAM)

What is SAM?

The UConn Science Alliance Mobile (UConn SAM) is a 3 room, 252 square foot 2012 IHC Navistar LifeLine Mobile® Laboratory. The truck is approximately 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 13 feet tall.

SAM is outfitted with a soundbooth, space for behavioral testing, a meeting room, and computer space for mobile equipment use. 

SAM is currently available as a service center vehicle for the community to reserve for on-campus or off-campus research and outreach. We have a competitive fee structure to cover operating costs, and a driver pool available to make reserving SAM seamless. 

Please see this facility details document to use for IRB approval and to include in the facilities section of your grant application.

Below, take a brief look inside SAM’s 3 rooms. Note that the interior will look slightly different once the vehicle is outfitted with the Soundbooth and computers.

Fee Structure

Below is a table that lists the approved rates we use to calculate a total trip cost. Generator usage and fuel costs are estimated according to current rates. Generator usage is also calculated based on event length. If an event is to be held on Fairfield Way or a regional campus where a shore power receptacle is installed, there will not be a generator charge. The driver’s time is charged for an additional 2 hours each event, to cover trip preparation and breakdown (eg. priced for 10 hours instead of 8). Our one-time administrative fee is based on our estimated usage and covers our basic operating costs such as insurance and maintenance. We hope to make this rate lower as usage increases. Please reach out to us at with any questions.

Example calculation:

50 miles roundtrip to Hartford, CT and 8-hours on-site = $739.91

– CDL Driver = $447.30 ($44.73 per hour * 10 hours)

– Diesel Gas MPG = $20.35 (($4.07 per gallon*50 miles)/10mpg)

– Generator Diesel Usage = $41.68 ((1.28 gallons per hour * 8 hrs on-site)*$4.07 per gallon))

– One-time administrative & equipment fee = $230.58

User Expectations

  • We are working on creating a scheduling system but for now, reservations can be made by emailing
  • Before making a reservation, users are expected to complete our User Training on HuskyCT. There will be a short video with a 10 question quiz following it. If you're interested in being added to the HuskyCT course, please email
  • Single-day reservations should be made at least 2 weeks in advance, and Fairfield Way reservations should be made at least 4 weeks in advance, although 6 weeks is preferred by Student Union Event Services.
  • Any overnight trip requests require 4 weeks to prepare, and users will be expected to pay for the driver's meals and lodging for the duration of the trip.
  • Any cancellation within 1 week of the trip date may be subject to a $230 administrative fee.
  • When planning an event and before making a reservation, check with us ahead of time to see if we have contacts for at event location you are considering. If not, you must connect with them to coordinate the event and to provide the truck specs so a suitable parking location can be identified (e.g. level location, clearance for stairs,  and walking distance to a bathroom for your group, the driver, and guests). In the event of extreme temperatures, a location should be identified for the driver to go- the cab does not have HVAC unless the engine is running.
  • Note that we cannot guarantee a trip at any time. We have established a pool of part-time drivers with various availability, and they may accept or deny a trip request for any reason. If a cancellation occurs on our end, there will be no charge to you.