IBACS Assistant Coordinator

As a result of the recommendations made by the visioning committee last year, The Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences (IBACS) has hired a full-time administrative coordinator, Melanie Stroud, and members/groups in the community may apply to "buy out" time. A goal of this position is to not only help PI's obtain administrative funding on grants by already having a person identified but to also offer assistance to those who are only awarded enough funds to pay "percentages" of admin support, e.g., 30%, as these part-time positions can be difficult to fill. Therefore, we hope to offer administrative support across multiple grants at a time.

Another goal of this position is to retain institutional knowledge of grant management by offering continual employment to one person rather than the current cycle of re-hiring every time a new grant is awarded. 

Melanie Stroud will be be able to assist with general program/grant administrative support tasks such as: budget and purchasing, website creation and maintenance, communications and advertisements, event planning, travel arrangements, coordinating outreach efforts, and more.

Please note that the Institute’s ability to offer this support is not guaranteed beyond FY25 during which time this position must be fully funded by outside resources. Therefore, we will give preference to applications that offer long-term funding. However, we will accept short-term project-based requests for those who cannot offer financial support for a limited time if under 70 hours total. 

For more information, please contact the Institute's Senior Coordinator, Crystal Mills at crystal.mills@uconn.edu.