IBACS Outreach Fellowships


The Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences (IBACS) is pleased to offer summer fellowships for up to four graduate students to be part of our Science Alliance Mobile (SAM) Outreach Team this year thanks to a generous donation through the opportunity fellowship fund. Students will be expected to participate in SAM’s outreach events, leading demos and engagement activities. We hope these activities can relate to the fellows research interests or methods they are familiar with. Our goal is to host events and provide opportunities in areas with underrepresented populations to increase interest in education within the brain and cognitive science fields. During the academic year, time will need to be spent developing plans for demos and educational activities for all ages, but we expect the majority of outreach events to take place in the summer (3-4 in the summer and 1-2 per semester). Events will be on campus on Fairfield Way, at regional campuses, or at various other locations within the state. We understand that fellows will not be able to attend all events due to scheduling conflicts.

Preference may be given to students who (1) are members of a group that is underrepresented at the University of Connecticut; (2) have overcome obstacles such as socioeconomic, educational, or other societal disadvantages (arising, for example, through prejudice and/or discrimination); or (3) have worked with such groups to help overcome these or other obstacles.

Our ability to offer 1 or more of these fellowships on an annual basis is subject to IBACS funding availability.


The Summer 2024 application period will open November 1, 2023 and close December 30, 2023.


  • Any IBACS-affiliated graduate student can apply. Preference will be given to those who have been affiliated with IBACS for 1 year or more and to those who fall into one or more of the groups eligible for priority consideration as detailed above.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who either have no other source of summer funding or are in receipt of summer funding that amounts to less than $5,000 from UConn or external funds (such as an NSF or NIH fellowship, teaching contract, departmental stipend etc.).
  • Applicants must have reliable means of transportation to/from outreach events
  • Awards are funded at $5,000 and are issued on the first Thursday of May. 
  • Graduate students intending to apply who are not already IBACS affiliates should also fill out the affiliate membership form available here.
  • Graduate Fellowships do not cover tuition fees (they are exempt) or other expenses.
  • As a condition of this award, the faculty advisors of recipients may be asked to serve for a year on the IBACS review panel in the future. This panel will review our seed grant, graduate fellowship, and undergraduate award applications. They may defer to a future time due to sabbatical or other appropriate reasons.


Fellowship payments are subject to federal and state income taxes. You will be personally responsible for any income taxes resulting from the receipt of this fellowship payment.  You should be advised that fellowship payments used to pay for travel, supplies or equipment used in your independent research are not exempt from taxation.  Fellowship payments, although taxable, are not subject to income tax withholding if paid to a U.S. citizen or resident alien.  It is the sole responsibility of the student to report and pay taxes on the taxable portion of any fellowship, stipend, award or grant that he/she receives. Consistent with IRS guidance, the University does not withhold taxes on the taxable portion of fellowships, stipends, awards or grants except in limited circumstances involving nonresident aliens.  If you are a nonresident alien, federal income taxes may be required to be withheld from your payment unless you qualify for exemption by way of an income tax treaty between the United States and your country of tax residence.  Fellowship recipients may wish to consider making estimated federal and state income tax payments.

Additional details, and answers to many frequently asked questions, may be found on the following websites:





All applicants must submit a completed application, by any deadlines described above in the Key Dates section. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that their primary supervisor submit a supporting statement (see below):

  • The application form is to be filled in by the student here.
  • Applicants will be asked for
    • A summary of current research interests
    • Description of why applicant believes they would be a good fit
    • An up-to-date CV
  • A copy of the application will be sent automatically to the applicant’s primary advisor for approval. The advisor will need to write a letter of support to complete the application process, to be submitted within 7 days, if possible. Details will be provided once the application has been submitted.

Awardees will be chosen  based on their application materials and letter of support from their primary advisor. Decisions on award are final, and IBACS reserves the right not to make an award.


    If you have trouble with any part of the application process or your eligibility, you can contact ibacs@uconn.edu or call our Institute Coordinator, Crystal Mills, at 860-486-4937.