The Directors will have responsibility for: formulating and implementing policies and protocols consistent with the mission and aims of the Institute with an emphasis on research, training, and outreach; managing Institute resources (including disbursement of funds through the fellowship and other funding schemes); liaising with the Institute’s committees; monitoring Institute activities and outcomes; evaluating the effectiveness of these activities and the impact of their outcomes; and liaising with relevant Heads of Department, Deans, and the offices of the VPR and the Provost.

The Executive Committee will work with the Directors to determine the strategic directions for Institute activities and growth, and to evaluate the extent to which the Institute’s activities and outcomes are meeting its mission and aims. The committee will be closely involved in decisions affecting the day-to-day running of the institute (including decisions regarding allocation of resources), and will effectively form an advisory committee to the Directors.

A UConn-Internal advisory board comprised of UConn personnel such as Heads, Deans, etc, will meet at least twice yearly (or more, as appropriate) to advise both on shorter- and longer-term issues of strategic importance (i.e. advising both on Institute-internal matters but also on issues that may impact externally on the Institute – e.g. strategic developments at UConn, building and space developments, etc.). The board will also monitor and evaluate the extent to which the Institute is meeting both its own and UConn’s broader institutional aims.

An External Advisory Board will meet once per year, consisting of individuals who are themselves Directors of Institutes and Centers with overlapping interests at other institutions both in the USA and beyond, as well as individuals from Industry and elsewhere who will be able to provide usefully different perspectives on the Institute’s mission, activities, and successes, and will advise on best practice based on their experience and perspectives.

Affiliated members of the Institute are eligible to apply for Institute resourcing, and explicitly subscribe to taking part in and contributing to Institute activities (e.g. through collaborating on one or more of: student supervision, grant applications, Institute-supported research activities, Institute colloquia, workshop organization, and so on).