Benefits of IBACS Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is open to Faculty, Postdoctoral Researchers, and Graduate Students, whose research falls within the broad remit of the Institute’s research mission.

Becoming an affiliate gives you access to a number of IBACS resources:

  1. You can apply for Seed funding
  2. You can apply for an IBACS Graduate Fellowship
  3. Graduate affiliates have access to workspace at the Institute
  4. You can receive support on submitting external grant applications (including pre- and post-doctoral fellowships):
    1. An internal support and review process (EAR – see “Resources” pages)
    2. Budgetary information
    3. Inter-departmental and inter-institutional arrangements
    4. Student tuition and fringe
    5. Items you can/cannot charge the external funder
  5. Your name will feature on our membership list, including photograph, research interests, and contact details
  6. You will be notified of, and invited to, IBACS networking and other events
  7. You will become a member of the IBACS listserv

In return, we will ask that you list the Institute as a secondary affiliation (e.g. “Prof. D. Thomas, Department of Cytoarchitectonics and Institute for Brain and Cognitive Science”).

We may also call on you to take part in the evaluation of seed grant and fellowship applications that may be in your area of expertise (you will not be over-burdened by this). Similarly, we may seek your advice on strategic issues of relevance to the Institute.

The application for affiliate membership is located here, and entries will be evaluated by the Executive committee for fit to the Institute’s research mission.