Need assistance with a grant application?

Just wanted to remind the research community that the IBACS External Application Review (EAR) panel has been formed to boost external grant efforts. Our aim is to provide PIs with feedback on grant development in order to facilitate external funding efforts related to the Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

We can also help organize more general grant mentoring for faculty with little grant writing experience — see the EAR page.

PIs may request EAR review at the link above.

In brief, EAR will locate 2-3 appropriate reviewers for your application. Early on, you will meet with the reviewers and EAR representatives for an in-person presentation of the grant outline, allowing reviewers to help you identify strengths and weaknesses before the grant is fully developed. Then, reviewers and EAR representatives will review your written grant, providing you with mock reviews in time to strengthen your application prior to submission. Details about the process and deadlines can be found at the link above.

Please consider letting EAR help you strengthen upcoming grants.