Postdoc and RA opportunities at UCSF

The Brain Lens lab at UCSF is hiring postdocs and RAs to start immediately.

In addition to the active postings below, they are also most likely hiring several other postdocs and assessment RAs in the next 2-3 months.
Please contact them if generally interested in computational approaches, developmental cognitive neuroscience / neuroimaging in affect or language, ed-neuro, edtech broadly defined.
(There may be opportunities to work on the east coast as well in the CT area.)

The jobs currently advertised are the following:

1. Neuroimaging Postdoctoral Scholar (for a computational neuroimaging or neurolinguist)

2. Neuroscience & Education Research Assistant (to build and run a Brain-Mobile EEG lab in a school)

3. brainLENS Lab Research Assistant (for project management and data analysis)

4. Volunteer Research Assistants


Please direct any questions to