Reminder: Virtual AI/Computational Modeling Meet & Speak on 5/6

Dear Research Community,

A reminder that The Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences (IBACS) & the School of Engineering are co-hosting a virtual Meet & Speak which will cover new research in computational modeling, machine learning, and AI approaches applied to human cognition, brain function, speech and language, disease, and related areas. The meeting will offer an opportunity to foster greater cross-college discourse and collaboration, and may serve as a foundation for further developments in computational modeling at UConn. The Meet & Speak is scheduled for Wednesday, May 6th, 12pm-3pm on Zoom. You will be able to join the meeting by visiting this webpage. Please note that the event will be recorded and posted on the webpage shortly after. 

There will be 12 speakers, each taking up a 12-minute slot including questions (speakers have been asked to limit their talks to 8-9 minutes). 

Attendees will not have their audio or video enabled, but will be able to submit questions during each talk using the Q&A feature on Zoom – instructions will be provided on the website.


Further details (including the schedule of talks with titles and abstracts, and instructions for attending the webinar) can be found at 



Gerry Altmann
Director, Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences 


Leslie Shor
Associate Dean, UConn Engineering